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  • When Albrecht is pointing his gun at Eric by the sidewalk outside Gideons, he is distracted by looters at Gideons, notably one with long blonde hair stealing a T.V. set. This is in fact James O'Barr, author of the comic book series on which the film is based.

  • Occasionally in the film, you may notice thar Eric has a light scar going under his eye and over his nose. Brandon Lee was not scarred in this way, it is a reference to the graphic novel, in which Eric had a similar scar. Eric was shot in the head - the shot cracked the bone under his eye, creating the wound.

  • The latter part of the scene with Eric and Albrecht in Albrecht's apartment was actually ad-libbed. Brandon (Eric) decided to pick up a picture of Albrecht and his wife and ask him about it. The following part about Shelley ("Believe me, nothing is trivial") was also not in the script. The scene was originally scripted to take place in the street outside the police headquarters, but it was decided that it should be moved to Albrecht's home so that the audience could learn more about him. Ernie Hudson (Albrecht): "Once we were in the apartment the scene really changed. What came out was how Eric and Albrecht were kindred spirits. Sometimes life can be great and you think you've got it together, and other times it's all a big mess. Albrecht was at that point in his life. Part of it had to do with him being horrified by what had happened to that girl; he had gone to the hospital with her and his life was never quite the same again. Albrecht was very low and Eric helps give him focus." Hudson and Brandon Lee became quite close while wroking on The Crow, "We confided in each other and shared things." says Hudson, "I think for the scene in the apartment, we drew on our conversations."

  • One of the bad guys at Top Dollar's meeting is one of the screenwriters, David Schow. He is the guy who gets pulled under the table.

  • Jeff Imada is also at Top Dollar's meeting. Jeff was Brandon Lee's best friend, fight choreographer for the film, and fellow student in the martial arts (how he and Brandon first met). He plays Braeden - the one who says, "So you're saying we should just quit?".

  • In one of the flashback scenes, we see T-Bird reading from a book - "Abashed the devil stood, and felt how awful goodness is." The book is Milton's Paradise Lost. (NOTE: the line after this sounds like it is also a quote from the book, but it is not) David Patrick Kelly, who played T-Bird was so into his character that he bought an antique copy of the book. It is this we see him holding in the scene.

  • When Eric breaks in to Gideons Pawn, he quotes a phrase from Edgar Allen Poe's poem entitled 'The Raven'. ["Suddenly, I heard a tapping..."]

  • The birds used in the film were not acually crows, they were ravens - five of them in all.

  • At the end of the film, there is a dedication to Brandon and Eliza. Eliza (Lisa Hutton) was Brandon Lee's fiancé. They were to be married in Ensenada, Mexico on April 17th 1993 (It was less than 3 weeks till their wedding when Brandon died). It is exceedingly ironic that the theme of people being torn from one another extends out of the film into real life.

  • In Brandon's last on-camera interview, he quotes from the novel The Sheltering Sky ("Because we do not know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well..."). This quote was also used on Brandon and Eliza's wedding invitations.

  • I've always wondered, when Sarah returns to the loft and walks around with Garbriel the cat, you can see that the loft floor is dirty, apart from one cleaned area. I always think that maybe it was where Brandon fell?

  • Thanks goes to Gina-Luisa Hilborne for this Submission.

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  • Scene: Eric visits his apartment for the first time after his resurrection. We see the crow waiting for him on the bannister at the top of the stairs, by the door to Eric & Shelly's old room. The camera pans right, cutting the crow out of shot. A flutter of wings is heard, indicating that the crow has moved, but the crow's shadow remains perfectly still...

  • Scene:Funboy and Darla at Funboy's place (above 'The Pit'). When Funboy falls to the bed (after being shot by Eric), his leg lifts up and we can see a pyrotechnics wire for a blood pack coming out of his clothing. (This is soon before the "My God! Look what you've done to my sheets!" line.)

  • Scene:Gideon is in the bar, drinking (just after the scene where Eric deals with Funboy). Grange pours some liquid (whiskey?) into Gideon's glass. When the camera view changes, and Gideon is about to drink the liquid, we see that there is suddenly much more of it in the glass than there should be.

  • Scene:Eric's first flashback to the past. Notice the pumpkin (with a candle in it) being smashed during the flashback... Yet, when the police are at the apartment right at the beginning of the film, the pumpkin is intact. - I suppose it could be a different pumpkin, they all look the same to me...

  • Scene: Eric is fighting Tin-Tin. Eric throws Tin-Tin against a wall, Tin-Tin lands on his right side. Yet, when Eric goes over to him to pick him up, Tin-Tin is lying on his left side.

  • Scene:Eric is in the back of T-Bird's car. Eric is shown holding Funboy's .44 to T-Bird's head. In a following scene (during the car chase), he is holding T-Bird's Berreta to his head.

  • Scene:The shoot-out upstairs at the nightclub. Eric causes two of Top Dollar's 'associates' to fall to the nightclub floor below, each smashing some of the glass panels. The second person is visibly suspended by a cable.

  • Scene:Eric and Top Dollar are fighting on the church roof. Top Dollar stabs Eric from behind with his sword. When lightning strikes, we can see the sword going under Eric's arm.

  • Scene:Eric and Top Dollar are fighting on the church roof. When Eric uses Albrecht's memory of Shelley to kill Top Dollar, we see him reaching out to Top Dollar with his right hand. The view switches to the side and we see Eric reaching out with his left hand - his right hand follows later.

  • Scene:At the very end of the film, Sarah is in the graveyard. As the crow drops the ring into Sarah's hand, it makes a clinking sound. This is very odd... perhaps the hand in the shot wasn't real...

  • Scene: The shoot-out upstairs an the nightclub. Apparently Eric kills one of the bad guys twice! - I haven't got round to verifying that one, yet. If true, it certainly wasn't that guy's day...

  • Scene: Eric's Rise From Grave. When Eric rises from his grave, he leans against a branch to support himself. The crow flies and lands on the branch. If you look in the background as Eric cowers from the crow, you can see his tombstone in a flash of lightning. If you look closely, there is blood running down the front of it. This is from a cut scene. The cut scene takes place when the crow begins pecking at Eric's gravestone (while sarah is walking away). As it pecks, blood spills out of the hole and runs down the stone, filling up the name 'Eric Draven'.

  • Thanks goes to Rainmaker for this Submission.

  • Scene: Eric falling off the roof. When Eric is falling off the roof, before he murders Tin-Tin, the way he falls he should of actually have landed with his head facing the opposite direction, but when it gives the shot of him landing he is facing the wrong way.

  • Thanks goes to Mike Ryan for this Submission.

  • Scene: Eric Lights up the symbol of The Crow. The scene when Eric lights the image of the crow sure does stay in flames a long time... especially for lighter fluid.With lighter fluid, it should have been out in a second.

  • Thanks goes to Mike Ryan for this Submission.

  • Scene: Gideon Flying out of the Pawn Shop. When gideon hits the wall behind his pawn shop after eric torches it, he hit the left side of his head. The bruise is on the right side of his head through the rest of the movie.

  • Thanks goes to Mike Ryan for this Submission.

  • Scene: Tin-Tin at Gideons Pawn Shop. When tin tin is selling all that junk (purse, rings) gideon says that he will give him "fifty bucks" but he only hands tin tin two bills...what two bills in u.s. currency adds up to fifty dollars???

  • Thanks goes to kc mcdade for this Submission.

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  • Scene: Eric is pointing the shotgun at gideon. You see him raise the gun, and point it up. then in the next scene you see gideon and the gun is still pointed at him for a sec. then it goes back to eric and its still pointed up. i noticed this after about the 100th time watching it.

  • Thanks goes to DanK for this Submission.

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  • Scene: Fun-Boy has his gun against Eric. When Fun-Boy has his gun against Eric's hand and pulls the trigger,we see Eric laugh and look through his hand.Only the hand turns round showing that its fake,i know thats obvious but they did'nt hide it very well. Still looks realistic.

  • Thanks goes to Danny Gould for this Submission.

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  • Scene: The lighter fluid goof. The lighter fluid goof could actually be tied in with a cut scene. In the cut scene at Arcade Games, T-Bird makes reference to a "special" lighter fluid that if he were squirt with, "you could jump in the Detroit River and burn all the way to the bottom.

  • Thanks goes to Jesse Tabasco for this Submission.

  • Scene: The Church Rooftop. At the end when Brandon steps out on to the church roof to fight Top Dollar, you can see the rails of the camera on the top of the roof as the camera pulls back. In the next shot, they are gone.

  • Thanks goes to Gina-Luisa Hilborne for this Submission.

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